Make the Time and Tap Into Your Resources

As dentists, you have a variety of materials, tools, resources and people available to assist you in all phases of your practice. Just having them available is not enough; you actually have to use them.

Many of you have recently attended the Yankee Dental Congress Meeting in Boston, I’m sure you took some courses, met with some vendors, chatted with some colleagues and old college friends. What happens when you get back to your office? Do you implement what you learned; follow up with the vendors you requested information or demos from? Or do you just go about your day like you normally do?

It always amazes us how many doctors/dental practices have the information at their fingertips but never look at it or ask questions. We find that all too often we need to remind doctors that they are not just dentists/clinicians but business owners and need to make time to work ON their business not just IN their business.  

You can no longer sit back and leave it to chance hoping you will not be audited or inspected; you need to be proactive by creating administrative time for yourself to work on your business as well as meeting with your team regularly for updates and training. Each week we get calls from frustrated doctors who are experiencing employee concerns, regulation questions or have been audited, inspected and/or cited.

As we listen to what their concerns are we definitely know we can help them however a lot of the concerns have been complicated by the fact that they have not kept up with their administrative responsibilities and Employer Compliance Law which has escalated and now paralyzed them. So we would like to give you some tips on being proactive instead of reactive which as humans we tend to be. One of your biggest resources is your Dental Supply company representative (Benco, Henry Schein or Patterson Dental). Each practice has a representative assigned to their office. Did you know that your representative can be a wealth of knowledge?  

These people are not just coming in to your office to sell you some composite material or the latest piece of technology; they are there to help your practice become as successful as it can be. They should not be viewed as an interruption in your day, but rather as an asset to you and your team. You can usually ask them questions regarding your practice management software, if they know of anyone looking for a new job, if they have any suggestions on marketing your practice.

You'd be amazed at how many dental practices they enter in any given month and how many ideas they can share with you. In addition to your Dental Supply representative, you have Amy and Michelle at Amy Smith Consulting, LLC. Whether you are a current client or have worked with us in the past, you should have a variety of tools available to you such as an Employee Manual, Job Descriptions, Financial Protocols, Reactivation Protocols and HIPAA Documentation, to name a few.

It's great to have these things, but you need to make sure you are consistently reviewing and updating the information.  Standards and policies in Dentistry, Employment Compliance Law and HIPAA are changing constantly and you need to make sure that you are incorporating the changes and updates to your business. It is not enough to just have the information, you need to implement and use it regularly.

As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 508-697-7318.